Prague Part Deux

One Month Down, Eleven To Go..

As my first month in Remote Year comes to an end, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on how I got to this point. In my life prior to Remote Year, I was constantly thinking about my purpose in life. What am I on this planet for? If I died tomorrow, what will my legacy be? Maybe to some I am good friend? Maybe a good son, brother, nephew, cousin and uncle to my family? Maybe I influenced someone professionally? Maybe I am the reason a former girlfriend found her perfect match after things didn't work out with us? That was it, in my head, my legacy was that I was a decent person to some people. I guess that is not that bad. I just know I am capable of more.

I now find myself living in Prague, traveling the world with a group of people I have only known for a few weeks. There is an energy in this group, and it is unlike anything I have been around in my life. Maybe it is that we are all very similar and different all at the same time. All I can say is that being here in this time and place feels right. It feels like this is where I need to be. 

When looking back on my adult life, all of the decisions made, the good times, the bad, the heartbreak, the laughter, the joy, all of those moments, have lead me to this point in time. I still have a lot to learn, I still need to figure stuff out, and being so out of my comfort zone is helping me do just that. this journey is a great opportunity and I welcome it with open arms.

We leave Prague on Saturday morning, and it will be hard to say goodbye to this beautiful city, so I look forward to saying Uvidíme se znova Praha (see you Again Prague)

Here are some visuals of my last few weeks in Prague..