London Calling

City #3

I am now on Day 79 of Remote Year, in City number 3, which is London. The travel day from Belgrade to London was very simple, it was an easy nonstop flight. It was tough to say goodbye to Belgrade. Belgrade was a city I feel I did not get to know as well as I would have liked. Part of that is due to being gone for 8 days from it, and part of it just being so damn hot. I hope to return there someday and see more of it. 

Are you homesick?

This is a question I have been asked a lot by several different people lately. The quick answer is no. I don’t mean that in a bad way, sure there are things I miss about my former life. I miss my parents, I miss my Mom’s cooking, I miss my friends, and I miss not being there for the big moments that are happening in the lives of my friends and family. However, I have fully accepted my life in Remote Year as my new home. I feel that if I were to leave here and go back to the states, there would be just as much that I miss in my Remote Year life. So, friends and family, don’t take offense to me not being homesick. I think of you all often, and even though we do not speak all the time, and unfortunately some of you not at all, you are on my mind frequently. Please know the experiences I am going through and the relationships I am building here, are helping me become a better person in which I hope all of you will reap the benefits of.

Where I live..

London is the first city in which our workspace and living space are all in the same building. This is a nice change, as everyone is living in the same building, which makes it easier to coordinate and get together with the group. This also means that privacy is not as easy to come by. Luckily for me, my roommate this month is the invisible man, so I have been able to achieve a little bit of alone time. The building is called The Collective. It is a new building that is still being worked on and reminds me a little bit of a dorm. We are in “Two” dios which is two rooms with a shared kitchen. The building has several different rooms that we can work from, it also has a game room, a cinema room, several different kitchens in which we can make food, and most importantly a sauna. Sean and I took advantage of the kitchens and hosted a Stew Night for our fellow remotes last week. The temperature of London is much cooler than Belgrade, and I have been sleeping really good in my bed, which is nice change from my Belgrade place. 


London is a huge city. It is full of history, and feels like the child of Boston and New York. Our living space is about 35 minutes outside of the city center. We have a train station nearby so it is easy to get into the mix of the city after a short tube ride. I have spent several days just wandering around and taking photos. There are people everywhere. It is good to be able to speak the language and understand what is going on. London is expensive, especially compared to our first two cities. A burger, fries and Coke is $22. The price of things makes you think a little bit more about how you eat, which has resulted in several grocery store runs and eating in more than I have in the first two cities. All and all, I enjoy London, the weather has been beautiful, and I look forward to using the next couple weeks to continue to explore and take it all in.  Well, that is it for now, I appreciate you taking the time to read this insight into my journey. Until next time, cheerio!