Bubbles In The Park

Bubbles In a Park

A few weeks ago I was walking through a park in London and came across a man blowing bubbles for a large group. The group mainly consisted of children. I had my camera out, and decided to capture the moment. I watched as boys and girls from all ages, nationalities, and colors were so happy to see the bubbles that were flying around them. The pictures show a level of contentment you can’t recreate. You couldn’t ask someone to pose like that, you couldn’t replicate those smiles. It was exactly what it was, the innocence of a child enjoying something so simple and not caring about anything else around them.

It is a funny thing, when children are born, they have no concept of race, gender, color, or nationality, and to me that is what these pictures depict. The sad part is, eventually they will. We live in a world where it is so easy to find negativity, and hear about the bad things that are happening. The day I stumbled on the bubbles in a park, helped changed my perspective. I was only there a few minutes, but that short time showed me so much. I ask you to look at these pictures, look at the smiles, look at the joy, and know it does exist out there. I used to think it was hard to find, but I think I just wasn’t looking hard enough.